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Six families from different parts of Toril who are affected

and suffered from natural calamities in the Philippines like heavy rain, flood and storm were so blessed to receive a gift of half sack of rice (25 kilos) from the class of 7A with the support of their adviser Ms. Feldkamp last June 11, 2011.

       Unending thanks were the only word they uttered as the KTEP Team surprisingly visited their houses

and hand over to them the rice that the class 7A have donated.

        We would like to use this opportunity to extend our big thanks to the class of 7A. Your kindness

and generosity is a very big help to these families for you have chosen them to be your beneficiary. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


Ms. Feldkamp,  Lorenz,  Alina, Sebastian, Laura, Dominik, Sabrina, Melanie, Leone, Letecia, Lena, Zahrak, Blertina, Nadine, Valmire, Rachel, Amelie, Lillia, Celina, Tabea, Alicia