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Mr. Joerg Dietze (the German teacher from Manila) h

anded the story books donated by the children from their school to Maya and Maam Rose.

On October 31, after his Davao vacation Mr. Dietze visited the KTEP Project in Toril to personally turn over the story books

and coloring pen donated by the kindergarten and elemenatry pupils of their school. The books that they donated will be a big help to the learning process and imagination of our kindergarten children both in San Jose and in St. Jude.

The children were all very happy

and excited as they saw their new books in school and could not wait for their teacher to read their favorite stories for them.

Inbehalf of our KTEP Kindergarten Teachers, children

and parents we would like to extend our great thanks to Mr. Simon, Ms. Karla Hunger, Mr. Joerg Dietze for helping Maya in order to gather the books for our children here in Toril. And to all the KIGA children and pupils of German European School for donating your books to us. We can assure you that many children will be able to read your books. DAGHANG SALAMAT! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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