Rice is the most important and the main food in the Philippines. Filipinos eat rice three to four times a day.

Last Christmas the KTEP Project distributed rice to the less fortunate families of Toril.  The beneficiaries ( about 180 Families)  were so happy and  thankful  to  received each one of them  5 kilos of Rice on Christmas.

Thank you sponsors, thank you Maám Hilde !







The most especial season for the Filipinos is the Christmas season. Philippines has more than 80 Percent of Catholics and this period of time is very holy and very meaningful to all in all ages. As almost a tradition already, the Project Staff together with Carolin Schmid, our German volunteer organized a Christmas Party last December 20, 2015 in the project building area. All scholars, music teachers and group leaders made a nice celebration. Everyone received apples, some scholars and former scholars received a gift from their respective sponsors, every group received cake and gentlemen received gifts from their self made Christmas Calendars. It was an unforgettable day for our scholars especially those who received cards to their sponsors.







It was definitely one of the most special day for the scholars. This season of love confirms them that God is with them and someone is taking care of them aside from their respective families. They were so much grateful and felt blessed.

To all the German sponsors, thank you so much for sharing your kindness and generosity to us.

Vielen Herzlichen Dank !