It was a great pleasure having Rotarians visitors from Germany. Last February 14, 2011 was the arrival of our dearest visitors. They are all excited to visit the Philippines especially in Davao

and the KTEP Building. Our dear founder Mrs. Aurora Kugel and the team welcomed them with garlands and a welcome banner indicating “Welcome in the Davao, Philippines.” They are very thoughtful for they showed their friendly smiling faces when they arrived. The team prepared different kinds of fruits and Filipino dishes and welcomed them in the entire home.

Welcome Party for the Honorable Rotarians


Scholars, Kindergarten

and their parents prepared a special program for the visitors. The scholars showcased their talents in dancing represented the Filipino folk dances. Kindergarten with their parents rendered a song for the visitors. There are 15 newly accepted scholars who are being introduced to their sponsors. They are very happy that finally they are now part of the KTEP Family. After the party is over, we are quick to serve the visitors a delicious food and drinks for their lunch meal.

A Special Day for Dr. Reinhold

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Last February 21, 2011 was the most awaited celebration of our dear founder Dr. Reinhold Kugel in his 50th birthday. All the invited visitors in this special occasion wear their Hawaiian attires. Visitors from the Rotary Clubs

and Friends prepared a special gift for him. The guests for that night had fun and had a great time dancing with their partners.

A boat for the fishermen


Thanks to lots of sponsors, the project was able to fund a boat for the poor fishermen living in Toril.

Peoples Park


Visitors also visited our own Peoples Park. They enjoyed taking pictures in interesting gigantic sculptures around the park.

In behalf of our Founders Dr. Reinhold

and Mrs. Aurora Kugel and the KTEP Family, we would like to say “Thank You” to the Rotary Club Friedrichshafen Tettnang and Friends for the wonderful time you spent with us here in the Philippines. We are very grateful and honored to have you as part of our unforgettable and remarkable days.