Aside from being good in dancing, scholars are also talented when it comes to playing musical instruments.



Just this year month of April 2012, another good opportunity came where scholars can learn how to play 3 different musical instruments: piano, guitar and flute. They are fortunate that aside from educational scholarship, now, they have chance to enhance and develop their skills in music.

Enrolled scholars meet their music instructors Mr. Boy Alcain (piano and flute) and Jimmy Bolanio (guitar) during Sundays, morning and afternoon. Music room is already finished with the help of Darlene Tagma (scholar and kindergarten teacher’s assistant) who led the whole construction, accounting, purchasing materials and reporting the development.  She made a great job!

music 5

Thanks to the people behind this great idea. Our heartiest thanks to Architect Bene Rapp and to Ma’am Gertrud Mayer who organized the flute instruments.

We would also like to say one more THANK YOU to these following persons for their countless financial support:

  1. Claudia und Hubert Steinhauser
  2. Ute und Klaus Steinhauser
  3. Monika und Joachim Steputat
  4. Marija und Jörg Steputat
  5. Karin und Herbert Aicher
  6. Carolin Hauber
  7. Ulrike und Thomas Martin
  8. Roland und Anita Magg
  9. Tobias Glatthar
  10. Sybille und Hubert Bernhard
  11. Dagmar und Markus Fiegle
  12. Gertrud und Rainer Mayer
  13. Barbara und Bernhard Rapp
  14. Edith und Karlheinz Vetter
  15. Stefan Heider
  16. Martha und Reinhard Dauth
  17. Diana Hagg
  18. Yvonne und Dieter Schäfler
  19. Tobias Wörle

 Through your contribution and support, you have played a key role in allowing this project fulfills the dreams of every teenager. Your kind assistance and help make it possible for the scholars to learn and discover their hidden talents.

Thank You!!!

Below are some pictures during music lessons:

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