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A group of friends namely Anita Kugel, Bettina Martin, Dagmar Rundel, Gerda Straub, Gisela Schmid, Helga Hepp, Sonja Traub

and Steffi Moser , arrived in Davao at around 2 o’clock in afternoon on 12th day of February 2014. Our team together with the former and present scholars drove through the airport brought with us the banner with loving words of welcome. Everybody became so excited and most especially the scholars were energized (after an hour of travel) to finally meet their sponsors. These 8 friendly and charming visitors took a break to visit the Philippines and the KTEP Project.

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1st Squeeze Night

On Saturday February 22, a group of talented scholars, dancers and singers were very much busy preparing themselves and got ready to showcase their talents on the stage and dance floor. Two groups of Filipinos and Germans and the audience too seemed on-focus and in concentration identifying what country and the origin of the dances are. They were intense as well to guess the titles of the songs being sang. More games followed like food tasting, identifying the names of the cocktails, identifying the faces which were painted by one of the proficient scholars Joshua Tabuñag, filling up the blanks and some questions were raised by the founder herself. The surrounding appeared to be very loud and bubbly.


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Each group had an assigned person to whistle

and they were all in a hurry as Luz (time-keeper)raised her right hand.

The Winner takes it allThe winner received a cake, fruits

and some wristwatch and pens. They went home happy with their rewards.
Welcome Party

More happiness was approaching as they arrived in the project building on Sunday morning (February 23). They walked in the aisle with the scholars around them who were joyfully singing the KTEP theme song “Welcome to the Family”. Many talents revealed from kindergarten children, parents and scholars. Our visitors had nothing else to do but to sit back, relax and enjoy the show prepared only for them. All were dancing “chicken dance” to end up the program.

Below are some pictures during the welcome party:

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We would like to say VIELEN VIELEN DANK to you dearest visitors for the wonderful time

and for the great experience with you. It only takes moment to say thank you but your thoughtfulness will be remebered a long time.