Inspired and encouraged by the family and friends in Germany who have been in the project already, best-friends Steffi Kugel, Katrin Wiedmann and Meike Arnegger were convinced to visit Philippines. They arrived on July 10 and stayed until 4th of August 2014.

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First meeting with the scholars seemed to be exceptionally wonderful for them. Like what we do the usual, scholars were gathered together and sang a welcome song for them.

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They did the same routine on Sunday. They helped during bread distribution, play games with the scholars and most importantly they were selfless of sharing their learning in playing the musical instruments.

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Steffi, Katrin

and Meike were hands-on in teaching scholars the playing of wind instruments.
One Saturday evening, scholars were gathered altogether for a “Facebook Seminar” with its theme “Facebook, its advantages and risks”.  All girls paid attention to Steffi, Katrin and Meike and they were given the opportunity to raise questions and answers were widely entertained by them.

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Clothes Distribution

They were consistent in any field they went through, either inside or outside activities. Clothes distribution for example is not an easy task, considering the noise

and annoying loud talks of many people around asking and begging for free clothing. In the end, they still managed to smile and they were happy hearing words “Thank You” from the mouth of all the beneficiaries.

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One sunny Sunday, on July 27, KTEP again prepared a Farewell party and at the same time, a day of Thanksgiving for the three girls Steffi, Kathrin and Meike. It was a day of celebration filled with fun and joy.

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Girls love hanging out together and have fun. With the brilliant idea and full support of Eva’s (sister of Steffi Kugel) friends Lorena, Katharina, Viktoria and Theresa, KTEP held the 1st ever event so called “GIRLS’ DAY” on Sunday, August 3, 2014. Saturday appeared to be very hectic; everybody exerted to the great extent of building their booth and made the best out of it.

Below were the 12 stations with the designated activities.  The 1st station was January, 2nd station was February and down to December.

January                 –        World of books and space for listening great stories

February              –        Wellness and Health

March                   –        The Importance of Fruits in our Body

April                       –        Enjoy the taste of Muffins

May                       –        Fish is very healthy!

June                      –        The art of Sewing simple modern things

July                        –        My Self Made Secret Box

August                  –        Music is my Passion

September         –        Sport is cool

October               –        I love self made Picture Frame

November          –        Vegetables are our best Medicine

December           –        Why Personal Growth and Development important for Me


Steffi was appointed to handle the group of April where she taught scholars how to bake muffins while Katrin and Meike were in the group of “Sport is cool”.  

There were invited guests who came to make the judging of all groups. It was the group of Ma’am Rose Pondoyo (October station “I love self made Picture Frame”) who won the 1st prize. Dr. Reinhold Kugel did the announcement and awarding of winners. Congratulations Girls! You did great…

Here are some pictures taken during the event



SKM (38) SKM (39)

With all our hearts, we would like to THANK YOU Steffi, Kathrin and Meike for everything you have made for the KTEP project. Your priceless time and dedicated hard-works is highly appreciated. THUMBS UP! You are amazing.