Once they thought, they will settle in a never-ending poverty just like the others. But they proved that they can make difference when the KTEP Foundation gave them the chance to change the path of their lives.

After four years of tough stay in college, 16 of our German Scholars namely: Lloyd Seguerra, Michael Villas, Erwin Gamao, Danmart Hernandez, Joy Badong, Exequiel Caballero, Arjay Calderon, Richard Cia, Jenny Sumalinog, Aubrey Bagas, Cherry Mae Jardeliza, Wingkle Luca, Helen Maribo, Riza Marie Tima-an, Merry Cris Sasam and Narissa Alipan come now to the fruition of their endeavor. Withe the constant support from their parents and most especially the KTEP Foundation and their respective sponsors the graduates are proud and are filled with great pride as the march and receive their diploma of success last March 25, 2010 at St. Peter’s College of Toril and on March 29, 2010 at the Davao Central College of Toril.


Once again our never-ending thanks and heartfelt gratitude to our respective sponsors Dr. Johannes Heider, Dr. Klaus-Peter Haemmerle,  Frau Helga and Herr Thomas Hepp, Herr Andreas Donges, Dieter and Frau Nadine Gumpoltsberge, Herr Tobias and Frau Regula Metzler, Herr and Frau Helmut Tanner, Frau Karin Cilly and Family, Frau Helga Botzum, Herr Martin and Grau Gitta Zapf, Mr. Ernst Hensler, Joachim and Gerda Straub, Frau Monika Kew, Hensler Foundation, Herr Armin and Frau Bettina Schaeffler, Mr. Manfred and Thekla Zapf, Mr. Helmut Bernhard, Familie Irene Ehrle and to Mr. and Mrs. Reinhold Kugel who have dedicated half of their time just to find sponsors for the Filipino youths. Again our sincere thanks to all of you.