We were so proud and felt so honored to be visited by one of the famous brassband from Southern part of Germany the “Musikverein Kressbronn”.

We were really not so sure two years ago,  how true the news was that,  about 70 musicians

will visit Davao, especifically Toril until we met them personally at the airport last January 1, 2017.

So many Germans to see at once in Davao is very rare, if not , it was maybe even the very first time in history.

IMG_0406  IMG_0415

From Davao  airport to Toril, the pretty and handsome musicians, together with some family members were heavily guarded by the  local police traffic security and police officers , were transported by two buses with some jeepneys in convoy.

Although it was raining very heavily on that day, it didn´t change the whole warm atmosphere of the musicians who were greeted by their respective scholars, friends, parents and the service team who were very excited and curious of all the guests they will be treated and taken cared of for two weeks.


The Musikverein Kressbronn rendered seven free concerts in and around Davao as tribute to the Filipino people.

In Davao Central College of Toril, St. Peters College of Toril, Damosa Land Complex,  Shopping Center (SM) Lanang, Paradise Island, Sto. Rosario Church and of course at our own KTEP building.IMG_0536

Most  of the members  are also sponsors of many scholars and many met each other personally for the first time. The musicians  rendered a short concert there combined with a project party with all ktep scholars, friends and some parents.

It was so unrealistic (but it was real !) to see how the “Holi Party” changed the whole atmosphere. Suddenly there was no German and no Filipino anymore, instead we saw all the colors in the faces  and shirts of everyone. Everybody was the same. Everyone was just happy dancing and singing. Even the mayor whose, for the Filipinos , unimaginable to join an event like this, enjoyed as well.

16174490_761181874032586_400712276140449072_nAt the end of the day, it was very touching to see when many  German musicians  decided to support their own scholar too. It was  unbelievable, 23 teenagers were accepted this day. These young people have a big chance for a brighter future now.

IMG_0991Everyday was different and exciting. Everyday was  a new experience with so much emotions. Everyday we met new friends. Everyday we learned the musicians more about their lives and their country. Everyday was special. Everyday was an unforgettable day.  Every moment of their stay was breathtaking for us.

The German musicians  and their families  left us not only the sounds of their great music but most of all, the friendship and the love they gave to everyone. We felt so high on these days because they tried to lift us. They let us feel that everyone is the same although their standard of living is much higher than us. The Germans treated us Filipinos like brothers and sisters. They built a bridge between two different worlds, the feeling is undescribable.

All what is left is the great memory which we will always be in our minds and in our hearts. We are so lucky to have

known these people from the other side of the world.

We thank you so much to each and every “Musikverein Kressbronn” musician and their family members who came

and shared their talents, their smiles and their time to us.



Vielen Herzlichen Dank !