Graduation Day brings a lot of emotions to both graduates and their families. It’s the time to celebrate the achievement and success for all the trials that they have encountered all throughout the years.

This year 2019, KTEP had produced a total of 74 graduates, 49 are from Saint Peter’s College of Toril and the other 25 graduates are from Davao Central College of Toril.

Congratulations to all of you our KTEP graduates, we are really happy and
proud of your success,for you all worked hard to be where you are today, your sleepless night and hard work hasn’t been in vain.

Thank you very much to all of you dear sponsors who financially helped these young graduates made their dreams come true.

Once again Congratulations and wishing you much success as you pursue your dreams and goals in life !

Liebermann, Anja
Name: Ericka C. Abella
Sponsor : Anja Liebermann
Gitta and Martin Zapf
Name: Jaybert Adang
Sponsor: Gitta and Martin Zapf
Rosemarie and Rudi Magg
Name: Joanna Pril Andian
Sponsor: Rosemarie and Rudi Magg
Sonja und Herbert Hänle
Name: Judy Janelle Andoy
Sponsor: Sonja and Herbert Hänle
Thekla and Manfred Zapf
Name: April Jane Arnaiz
Sponsor: Thekla and Manfred Zapf
Sigrid & Christian Kogler
Name: Warren Bacus
Sponsor: Sigrid and Christian Kogler
Andrea and Martin Bohner
Name: Elaine Joy Balagulan
Sponsor: Andrea and Martin Bohner
Heike & Valentin Baum
Name: Vivien Faye Balasabas
Sponsor: Heike and Valentin Baum
H.F Michael Brock
Name: Mary Rose Balatero
Sponsor: Michael Brock H. F
Angela and Ernst Hensler
Name: Amor Balili
Sponsor: Angela and Ernst Hensler
Gabi and Christian Henninger
Name: Carlo Jay Balili
Sponsor: Gabi and Christian Henninger
Eda and Helmut Tanner
Name: Ronel Basilio
Sponsor: Eda and Helmut Tanner
Kiki and Eric Sauerborn
Name: Jeff Ward Cabigas
Sponsor: Kiki and Eric Sauerborn
Angelika Zimmermann
Name: Michaela Jean Cadavas
Sponsor: Angelika Zimmermann
Klaus and Ute Steinhauser 
Name: Prudenson Calatrava
Sponsor: Ute and Klaus Steinhauser
Karlheinz and Edith Vetter
Name: Rosemarie Calixton
Sponsor: Edith and Karlheinz Vetter
Rosi & Manfred Lutz
Name: Alchie Mae Campaña
Sponsor: Rosi and Manfred Lutz
Claudie Zapf
Name: Dulcie Cañada
Sponsor: Claudi Zapf
Marianne Philippin and Helene Schumacher
Name: Maica Cansing
Sponsor: Marianne Philippin and Helene Schumacher
Matt Lanz
Name: Ella Jobell Chua
Sponsor: Uschi Joeckel
Uschi Joeckel
Name: Maritchu Chua
Sponsor: Matt Lanz
Walter Rundel
Name: Mia Rita Daño
Sponsor: Walter Rundel
Annette Julinek
Name: Ronald David
Sponsor: Annette Julinek
Amelie Parvany
Name: Edwin Doloeras
Sponsor: Amelie Parvany
Gertrud and Rainer Mayer
Name: Honey Joy Eligan
Sponsor: Gertrud anf Rainer Mayer
Name: Jeralyn Epag
Dette and Manne Trautwein
Name: Marjorie Gilo
Sponsor: Dette and Manne Trautwein
Helga and Thomas Hepp
Name: Rochelou Gino
Sponsor: Helga and Thomas Hepp
Alexander Lutz
Name: Reynalene Lazo
Sponsor: Alexander Lutz
Matthias Binzler
Name: Grace Lobo
Sponsor: Matthias Binzler
Karin and Klaus Klug
Name: Febie Macabit
Sponsor: Karin and Klaus Klug
Connie & Thomas Trautwein
Name: Jessa Mamalias
Sponsor: Connie and Thomas Trautwein
Birgitte Meyer Muetschele
Name: Ferlene Meladona
Sponsor: Birgitte Meyer Muetschele
Gisela Lierbermann
Name: Christian Ohiman
Sponsor: Gisela Liebermann
Monika and Hans Gierer
Name: Anwin Orcilla
Sponsor: Monika and Hans Gierer
Holger Kennerknecht
Name: Resmea Pandia
Sponsor: Holger Kennerknecht
Dr. Manfred Roemer
Name: Jenny Pasague
Sponsor: Dr. Manfred Roemer
Susanne und Bernd Schanzenbecher
Name: Mary Cris Quilojano
Sponsor: Susanne and Bernd Schanzenbecher
Emmi Haselbach
Name: Rachell Ann Quirong
Sponsor: Emmi Haselbach
Florentine Welte
Name: Maria Ignacia Ravanes
Sponsor: Florentine Welte
Sabine Berkmueller
Name: Mary Joy Requioma
Sponsor: Sabine Berkmueller
Franz Pfaeffle
Name: Reynan Reyes
Sponsor: Franz Pfaeffle
Adina Hirschauer
Name: Eunice Ruleda
Sponsor: Adina Hirschauer
Werner Bergmann
Name: Ivan John Ruly
Sponsor: Werner Bergmann
Barth & Sohn Team W
Name: Kristine Kaye Sariguma
Sponsor: Barth & Sohn Team
Annette & Peter Dullin
Name: Cindy Teringtering
Sponsor: Annette and Peter Duillin
Rolf and Gerlinde Fetzer
Name: Joyce Torillo
Sponsor: Rolf and Gerlinde Fetzer
RC Lindau Gordian Kley
Name: Raph Raul Tubog
Sponsor: Gordia Kley / RC Lindau
Berthold Lockmueller
Name: Joe Marri Valenzona
Sponsor: Berthold Lockmueller
Joachim Weber
Name: Quelbert Den Alima
Sponsor: Joachim Weber
Monika and Robert Kathan
Name: Meljun Alloso
Sponsor: Monika and Robert Kathan
Dr. Georg Lilly
Name: Marice Anuta
Sponsor: Dr. Georg Lilly
Edith and Karlheinz Vetter
Name: Eloisa Faith Badilla
Sponsor: Edith and Karlheinz Vetter
Doris Holm
Name: Sherlene Joy Bali
Sponsor: Doris Holm
Uli and Thomas Martin
Name: Melvin Batohanon
Sponsor: Uli and Thomas Martin
Martha and Reinhard Dauth
Name: Avelino Cabigas Jr.
Sponsor: Martha and Reinhard Dauth
Barbara and Dieter Baur
Name: Eman Noel Cadavas
Sponsor: Barbara and Dieter Baur
Gabi and Bernd Glocker
Name: Janno Gil Comtemplo
Sponsor: Gabi and Bernd Glocker
Stefanie Henneken, Nicole Rieger, Petra De Shields, Angelika Ebeler
Name: Sheila Mae Cubol
Sponsor’s: Stefanie Henneken,
Nicole Rieger,
Petra De Shields, and
Angelika Ebeler
Gerda & Joachim Straub
Name: Geda Dalagan
Sponsor: Gerda and Joachim Straub
Stefanie und Matthias Eisele
Name: John Michael Darato
Sponsor: Stefanie and Matthias Eisele
Pichler/Rundel Dagmar
Name: Jonathan Dela Rosa
Sponsor: Picher and Rundel Dagmar
Emma Woyte
Name: Gian Paul Fulguerinas
Sponsor: Emma Woyte
Max Sorg
Name: Leo John Hinayas
Sponsor: Max Sorg
Bettina Martin
Name: Anadanica Mesa
Sponsor: Bettina Martin
Petra and Wopf Trautwein
Name: Noreen Montaño
Sponsor: Petra and Wopf Trautwein
Katja Lipp
Name: Regine Opong
Sponsor: Katja Lipp
Edwin Weiss
Name: Christine Paño
Sponsor: Hertha Lang
Hertha Lang
Name: Charen Panta
Sponsor: Edwin Weiss
Kuprella Diana Hagg
Name: Jover Pelimer
Sponsor: Hagg Kuprella Diana
Kathrin Kuhn
Name: Cj Kenneth Rocacorba
Sponsor: Kathrin Kuhn
Anita Mayer und Eva Lahr
Name: Fernando Susmeña
Sponsor: Anita Mayer and Eva Lahr
Rosi & Manfred Lutz
Name: Jonalyn Tabiliran
Sponsor: Rosi and Manfred Lutz
Petra Genesis
Name: Jinkie Zaragoza
Sponsor: Petra Genesis