Filipinos have embraced different kinds of cuisines from different countries; one example of it is the spaghetti from the Italians. This is now considered as part of Philippine cuisine but of course with a little bit of Filipino style, something sweet!

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Last Friday, the children from our KIGA had have once again eaten a very good food and this time their all time favorite food; the Filipino style spaghetti. And since the weather was just perfect for that day Ma’am Rose decided to have a ground picnic just outside the classroom. That was an exra-ordinary day for the kids because they had an extra-special food for break time. All were excited to have their spaghetti and together the prayed and thank God for the wonder day and for the spaghetti.



The day was filled with fun and laughter and Ma’am Rose was once again satisfied to see and hear that the kids loved her spaghetti.