21 free flowing water, 21 different places, (inside and outside Toril) more than 10,000 people as beneficiaries, 1 Big Joint Project of Rotary International, RC Montelimar (France), RC Ravensburg (Germany) and KTEP.

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From a great idea to a successful completion, the 21 Joint Water Project is finally finish! After the approval of the project and some hard works, 21 different places in Toril and its nearby town has already fresh and potable water to drink.

This project will not be a success without the help and approval (for the matching grant) of Rotary International, to the Rotary Club of Montelimar (France) andRotary Club of Ravensburg (Germany) for choosing and trusting the KTEP with this very big joint-project. Our thanks to Rotary Club of Toril for your help and cooperation on this project. We would also like to thank our founders Reinhold and Aurora Kugel for taking much of their time and effort to give a free water to our less fortunate countrymen.

In behalf of all the beneficiaries of this project, our sincere thanks for this precious gift that you have given to us. We will assure you that we will take good care of it and make sure that it will last for some decades….